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The Central Suffolk Railway (C.S.Rail) will be a Community Interest Organisation (CIO) limited by guarantee and governed by the rules of the Charity Commission.

Below is an image which shows The Middy route from Haughley to Mendlesham Ford (Permision from National Library of Scotland). Please click the image to enlarge.


The Central Suffolk Railway (C.S.Rail) has been formed to build and operate a heritage railway to be known as The Middy Branch Line using trains, worked by steam and diesel locomotives, on the course of the railway previously known as the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway which was planned to run from Haughley to Halesworth in Suffolk.
S.Rail will manage The Middy Branch Line with the aim of generating funds that can be used to further develop the line and support local charities in parishes along its route, and to develop schemes which benefit the environment and wildlife, whilst providing employment and training for volunteers, staff and assistants in retail, customer service, environmental and engineering skills associated with the requirements of a first class tourist attraction and a heritage railway.
Building The Middy Branch Line will be carried out in accordance with the conditions of a TWA (Transport and Works Act) and the line will be constructed in five key stages with each stage being divided into a number of phases. Each stage will see the line completed, where possible, along its original planned route, except for stage five where the route from Laxfield was only constructed as far as Cratfield and never built to Halesworth. A new route will be developed based upon the Northern approach to Halesworth.
S.Rail will attempt to link the The Middy Branch Line with National Rail’s East-Suffolk, Ipswich to Lowestoft branch line, at Halesworth to develop an attraction for holiday visitors to the East Coast, and to connect the The Middy Branch Line with the main National Rail network to Bury St.Edmunds and Cambridge at Haughley.
C.S.Rail operates a policy of non-debt development funding. All development will depend upon funds being available from the company’s capital reserves, ensuring that suitable reserves are maintained for contingencies.

C.S.Rail will examine all the options available to procure, or lease, land to enable specific projects to be completed provided that the projects result in added value for the company.

All development will be properly funded and approved by the board of trustees.

C.S. Rail will approach grant awarding organisations, both national and local, in an effort to achieve sufficient funding to provide a means of acquiring the materials to support the initial and continued development of appropriate facilities on The Middy Branch Line.

Membership, All C.S. Rail volunteers assistants and managers will need to be members of the team.
Rail Income, Income from the sale of tickets to The Middy Branch Line depends upon monetary awards and investment and the rate at which land is acquired and new track is laid. At least 1/2 mile of track development, the construction of a platform, some visitor facilities, and a siding are required to generate any income from visitors wishing to experience train travel on The Middy Branch Line.
Rail Income will be from The Middy Experience once a length of line is laid.The use of at least one small locomotive and one or two carriages will have to be negotiated.Suitable buildings, permanent or temporary, to act as a shop/visitor centre, will be erected in the early stages which must be able to cater for up to 2000 visitors per year.
Retail Income, Initially the sale of merchandise from the Roundhouse shop and catering from the Drivers Rest Cafe and will be the primary method of generating retail income for the company.The Roundhouse shop will be wholly owned by the Central Suffolk Railway Company and will also be made available on line on the C.S.Rail web site.
Catering at the Drivers Rest Cafe, and other retail outlets that may be created, may be contracted out to interested parties.
Donations and Gifts, C.S.Rail will develop schemes that accept major credit cards and use Pay Pal to encourage the giving of donations and the purchase of annual membership and season tickets to Love the Middy Branch Line and trip benefits to holders of investment and sponsorship agreements.The C.S.Rail web site, and all leaflets and information packs, will encourage donations and gifts for general use or specific projects.
Legacies, Legacy Income will be encouraged. The companies web site and all leaflets and information packs will promote legacy giving for general use or specific projects by C.S.Rail.
Sponsorship,C.S.Rail will actively pursue sponsorship by local companies and organisations for general use, or specific projects, where this would benefit both parties.
Resident Benefits:
Residents living in close proximity to the The Middy Branch Line may be offered travel incentives on the The Middy Branch Line when the line is functioning.

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